Canvas CSS for Image-Based Menus Guide
This code allows you to create a grid of images that can act as a menu; when you hover over one of the images, it transforms from grayscale to full color. I typically use this layout to create a menu of a course's modules on its front page.
Canvas CSS for CTA Headers Guide
I developed this header to add to the top of a Canvas course's homepage. It provides space for a quick text announcement, and it has a button that direct students to a specific spot in the course.
Canvas CSS for Accordions Guide
With accordions, you can include a lot of content on a page without taking up a lot of real estate. They work particularly well as FAQ lists and glossaries.
Framing Learning Objectives Guide
Writing learning objectives is one of the most essential parts of the course design process. In this article, I share tips on how to phrase them to better establish alignment between them and your learning materials and assignments.